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Korea Christian University (KCU),founded in 1958, boasts a proud history and tradition. Located in the Ganseo-gu district of Seoul, the university consists of five divisions (Theology, Management Information, Social Welfare, Foreign Language & Humanities, and Music) and offers a comfortable family-like atmosphere. The university’s philosophy is to seek truth, freedom, peace, and love based on the Christian spirit and religious tradition of the Churches of Christ.
Professors with profound academic knowledge and faith guide students with heart and soul as their own, to help them grow into competent members of society. Also, professors devote themselves to guiding students with a well-rounded education so that they may foster talented individuals comparable to masterpiece instruments.
Today, the world and nation is in need of competent individuals. KCU strives to provide the best educational environment that will produce talented experts, educated individuals with integrity, and devout believers who meet the demands of the age. In order to keep up with the world trend, every summer and winter KCU arranges language training programs, missionary training, culture experiences and social welfare facilities visitation programs. Also, it pursues globalization by exchanging students through the network of sister-universities.
KCU already has a worldwide human network supported by the alumni who have ventured out into the world. Students who work diligently will have the opportunity to participate in the world stage thanks to the university ties with many universities and institutions around the world linked through the network of Churches of Christ, USA
KCU welcomes you with an open heart and looks forward to educating talented individuals with our understanding of the changing world who will meet the demands of this age. KCU invites those who dream of achieving a happy life by developing their talents, leading and changing the world.